Opening the Root Chakra

My next project in my journey of spiritual growth is realigning and opening my chakras. I am going to start with the First Chakra (or Root Chakra) and work my way up from there. The reason I’m starting there is because I feel the need to be more grounded and connected with the earth and it just seems the right way to begin since the last Chakra (the Crown Chakra) is our connection to the divine.

Here is a simple exercise that I will be doing for the next several days (or however long it takes for me to open it) to open my Root Chakra:

Chakra one, located at the base of the spine, has to do with grounding and sending your energy downward into your roots and into the earth. Here’s a simple exercise you can practice to energize the legs and develop better grounding. Stand with your feet hip width apart, heels slightly wider than the toes. Press down and out with your feet, as if you were trying to push apart the floorboards with your feet. Inhale as you bed your knees; exhale as you push down into your feet, pushing through your legs. Repeat until your legs begin to vibrate. Once you learn this, you can practice it any time you find yourself standing – in line at the grocery store, pumping gas, cooking, or on the phone.

~Carol Ann


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