Dream of M *again*

I keep having dreams of M (he is a guy I know and have known for at least 20 years). This time, I saw him engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman who had short dark hair. I saw her face, which is odd, because I hardly ever see faces in my dreams. That part was very short and then morphed into what I felt like was me about to get married to someone named Skip or Skipper. I didn’t know the man really, but evidently, the marriage was approved of by all of my friends and family. By this time, I felt like I was the person from the sexual encounter with M, but I remember seeing her from above so I’m confused about that part. If she were me, then I wouldn’t have been able to see her face from that viewpoint. She also told him to give her all of his pain and anger and she would filter through herself so that he could be healed spiritually.  This is strange, because, I have been told that this is one of my spiritual gifts.

Anyway, I had picked out a dress. It was a one-shouldered floral affair which everyone seemed to love. I remember it had lots of red roses at the bottom. Before the wedding, I went to some sort of salon where I got my hair and makeup done by another person I know, L (I’ve also known her for around 20 years. She is really a make-up artist.) She airbrushed most of my make-up and then worked on my eyes with lots of black liner. I remember she gave me a mirror so I could see her work. She had made my eyes look huge and disproportionate to my face. I remember thinking I looked like an anime character. After L was done, I went into another part of the salon to get my hair done. All the while, I was thinking about M.

After my hair and makeup was done, I was left to myself alone in one of the bedrooms of the house where the salon was located. M came barging through the door with a large blue sombrero in one hand and maracas in the other. I was very glad to see him. We kissed and hugged. Then, he knelt and told me that he wanted to marry me and that we should elope to Las Vegas. (At this point, I was really confused as to why he had a blue sombrero and maracas.) He told me that I should not marry Skip because he didn’t love me and he knew that I didn’t love him. He said that he knew the only reason I was going ahead with the marriage was because Skip was wealthy and I wanted the security. I told M that I loved him, but that I couldn’t stop the wedding. He was devastated and left.

At this point, L, came in with my dress and helped me put it on. I walked out of the room to much Oooing and ahhing. I walked by the back of the sanctuary (somehow the house had a salon and a church) and saw Skip walking to and fro at the front by the pulpit.

The next thing I remember was being in a diner still all made up with my wedding dress on. I was trying to call M to no avail. I kept trying to dial his number, but my fingers kept hitting the wrong buttons or the number would just disappear on the screen.  I started to cry out of sheer frustration and then someone pushed toward me one of those old rotary dial phones. I dialed his number. He picked up and I asked him excitedly where he was. He wouldn’t say, but I had a vision of him trapped and bloody somewhere and knew that he had done this to himself. I kept asking him where he was and that I would come get him, but he would never say.


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