Dream of J.

I dreamt of J whom I’ve known in real life since about 2007 and who lived with me for the better part of that year.

I was working behind a desk at a hotel or a hospital. I remember fiddling with the picture of myself in my badge thinking that it was too small and wishing that they would hire me on permanently instead of my having to labor away as a temp.

I went with a coworker to the bar/restaurant on site. We watched with amusement as several young men met at the bar and attracted a bevy of women. As I watched, one of them looked me in the eye and I realized it was J and he recognized me. He smiled but the smile did not reach his eyes. It was more of an acknowledgment of  “I see you”.

At this point, I became frightened and left the restaurant as nonchalantly as possible. Once out in the hallway, I started to run for the elevators thinking if I could just get to the elevators I would be safe. I felt that J was chasing me, but I never saw him. Also, as I was running down the hallway, I got a vision of him chasing me on another earlier occasion in a school, but that time I hadn’t gotten away. I got to the elevators and pressed the “1” button for the first floor and felt the elevator start to descend. I remember thinking I hoped that I had outrun him and that he hadn’t taken the other elevator down ahead of me.

This is a strange dream, because J has never stalked me or threatened me.  I don’t know what this dream signifies other than I am running from someone, which I am. Incidentally, in the dream, J did not look like himself. He looked like Spock from the series Star Trek. Maybe I just watch too much sci fi.

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