Dream of My Twin, the Three-Eyed Tiger and the Sorcerer

This dream is going to be hard to describe because it was all over the place and because I am only remembering fragments of it.

I was a twin. I had long coal black wavy-to-straight hair. I seem to have been pretty proud of my hair because there were several times in the dream where I saw myself in the mirror futzing with it. I was young and pretty. My twin looked like me but had light blonde hair.

It seems that she had been dating a man who was some kind of wizard or sorcerer. There was a point in the dream where a narrator was telling a story of a two tigers born a world away: one female, one male. The female had six eyes with one eye having a double eye. That is, in one eye there were two complete eyeballs: white, iris, and pupil. The male had three eyes of which the third, on the forehead in the tradition place of the “third eye”, had the double eyeball. The female tiger cub had died shortly after being born, but the male had survived and was now in the possession of my twin’s wizard/sorcerer boyfriend. The tiger was supposed to be special because it had a spiritual power or had a spirit attached to it. I’m unclear on this point.

I remember being at a school with my twin who, since she had started seeing her boyfriend, was prone to violent outbursts and would seem to become a totally different person. I spent most of the dream protecting her.  At one point, while we were at the school in the bathroom, I was fussing around with my hair and admiring myself in the mirror, when my twin had one of her violent fits. This time, her whole appearance changed. She was hitting me and screaming obscenities. I had to drag her from the bathroom and out of the school. Once we were outside, the school exploded into flames. While we were standing in the parking lot well away from the flames, I saw the three-eyed tiger on the far side of the property watching us and pacing back and forth.

It seems that my twin and I lived in a loft type apartment with a large basement. I took her there after we left the school. I put her to bed and went to look for her boyfriend. I guess I was going to give him the what for, but I’m not really sure. I walked there from our living space. It was a sunny day and I remember seeing all sorts of people sitting on a grassy lawn in front of the place where her boyfriend lived. There had to be 200 sitting on the lawn. I remember thinking that they were all deceived sycophants.

When I got inside, I was again in a bathroom looking at myself in a mirror. There was a window on my right and I saw the tiger walk by it. I don’t remember ever actually finding her boyfriend there, but getting out of the building was quite challenging. I think I was being chased. I think I stole a car and then there ensued a high speed chase on many curvy roads.

What is interesting about this is that I actually saw my face in the mirror. As I’ve stated before, I hardly ever see faces in my dreams. Also, I don’t have any siblings that I am aware of, much less a twin. The twin may represent a different side of my personality.

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