Spiritual Gifts and Growth

1966898_10152226820236416_2091841207_nThis is the companion book to the tarot deck i bought the other day. I’ve been handling it and practicing a lot.  It feels very good to my spirit and I’m kicking myself for having not taken it up years ago when I had my Arthurian tarot deck. Due to my hardcore fundamentalist Christian beliefs, however, I believed that reading the tarot cards and the cards themselves were of the Devil. I know that seems foolish. It does to me, but there is no accounting for what someone believes. I do believe that all beliefs should be respected as well as the person. Everyone is in their own spiritual journey and their place in it should be respected. We are not merely this skin and bones which hold us together. I believe that inside us is the fire of our spirit which animates our body and actually makes us who we are. I believe that we are not fleshy beings on a spiritual journey. I believe we are spiritual beings trying to learn how to cope with a fleshly journey. After all, we are made in God’s image and God is spirit as evidenced by Jesus’ birth. As a part of God, he was pure spirit but humbled himself to be confined to a fleshly body. I don’t believe that we can be gods, but I do believe that we can stoke the fires of our individual spirits so that we can mature emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

In the same vein, yesterday I bought two rings: one a black onyx for grounding and protection and the other a rainbow moonstone for positive protection and auric cleansing. I participated in a lead energy session the other night with some friends and was amazed at the results of it.  Afterwards I saw auras around everything in my house. Later on that night, I looked at my own aura and it had expanded quite a bit and was significantly stronger and brighter than it had been.

I am sensing that my spiritual gifts have always been there for me to tap into, but I was either too scared to do it or believed them not to be of God or both. I feel that a doorway has opened and I have stepped through into a room that is golden with opportunity for spiritual growth. I am happy and, for this moment, know that I am on the right path.

Merry Part and Blessings Be!


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