Daily Card Draw: Queen of Pentacles



The Queen of Pentacles is the quintessential mother figure. She yearns to nurture and care for others. She has an inner source of strength and warmth that everyone can feel and that draws them to her. So many people in this world are hurting and need a nurturing and caring person in their life. I am finding that as I move forward in my spiritual growth that my heart gets ever more soft and yielding toward people who are hurting. Not that I’m perfect, mind you. I’m far from it. The other night when I was coming out of the grocery store with my daughter, a man passed me by and told me that he had left his wallet at home and asked me for enough money to get a gallon of gas so that he could get home. I gave him five dollars. It’s not much, but this is the first time I have ever given money to a stranger who asked for it. When I got home, I realized all the ways that that could have gone wrong. I am trying to get past my fear to help people. I have operated from a place of fear for so long that it is very hard to get past it. I am hoping to find the middle place between sensible fear and irrational fear.

Love and Light!


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