Daily Card Draw: Seven of Pentacles

imageThis card is all about reaping the rewards of hard work. The Dryad of the Wood stands in her garden wondering if it is time to pick the peaches from the tree. They are ripe, but are they ready to be plucked? Should she pluck them and eat them or leave them to ripen a while longer? You have sown your seeds and waited for them to ripen. Now you are seeing them come to their fruition.  This is a calm moment of the consideration of alternatives and different approaches.

I have actually been sitting here this morning debating on whether or not to call the agency that set up the interview for me to see if they had heard anything from the interviewer. I read this card and decided to call them. They were out to lunch. I will have to let this simmer for a bit longer I suppose and call them later on this afternoon. I am really in need of seeing rewards for my hard work. I am really hoping that I get hired.




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