Dream of the Number 13 and Shaving

In my dreams last night was the number 13, specifically April 13, just floating around here and there. It was kind of like how the calendars would appear in the dreams I had the night before. I woke thinking that something important was going to happen on that day. I did some online research and discovered that the number 13 can either represent wealth or bad luck. So, basically, no one really knows and it’s all up for interpretation. I remember in my dream that I was reading an email saying that I had been hired for this job I interviewed for and that this was the day they would love for me to start. Sometimes I have dreams that come true. We’ll see if this one does.

Also, I dreamt that I was in the shower shaving my private parts. In my online research I found that seeing one’s own genitals in a dream can mean any of these things: profits, children, fame, carnal desires, want, family, strength, virility, conduct, or longevity.  I had to look up separately: “dream of genitals female” and “dream of shaving”. Apparently to dream of shaving yourself means that you will govern your own business and dictate to your household.

These three things combined seem to tell me that I will get the job I interviewed for, that I will be successful at it and make profits and will govern my own business (work from home?). If all this comes to pass, I will be ecstatic. I’ve been waiting so long to reap rewards of work. I’ve been sowing and sowing, but feel like I’ve not had the chance to harvest. It’s time.


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