Daily Card Draw: The Devil



This card depicts someone who is enslaved, but who doesn’t realize that the way out is all around her. All she hears is the tap, tap, tap of the Devil dancing above her and laughing that he could so easily entrap a vibrant soul. This person is feeling hopelessness close in and limit her options.

This is right on for me today. I have been out of work since the last week of December and I am getting frustrated waiting to hear from the company I interviewed with nearly two weeks ago. I have contacted another agency here in my hometown, but they did not have anything for me. I have some money to live on, but it is finite. I am starting to feel the walls of depression, negativity and despair close in. I’m starting to worry.

I’m going to try to get my daughter and myself out of the house today so at least I can get some fresh air, Vitamin D and get grounded. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


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