Dream of My Father and Measuring Electromagnetic Bodily Energy

I haven’t been keeping up with my dream journal like I should have. I’ve had some crazy dreams over the past few days, but since I didn’t write them down like I should have I have forgotten them. However, I do remember the one I had yesterday and the one I had last night. So, here they are:

Yesterday, while taking a nap with my daughter, I dreamt of my father. He passed in April of 2011. He was 82. I think he was sitting behind a desk. He was talking to me, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. It was all garbled. What I do remember is seeing his face and his white hair. I have been trying to find out a way to find out what his message was to me. I’ve had several people tell me that he is still here with me. I’m pretty sure my daughter sees him. 

Last night, I dreamt that I was sitting in a chair and someone was trying to measure my energy by putting their hand to my forehead. That’s really all I remember of that one. 


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