Dream of Worms and Blackheads

Last night I had two dreams that I remember:

In the first dream I saw myself as a teenage boy standing in front of a bathroom mirror examining the skin on my face. I saw first two blackheads on my right cheek and I went to push them out with my fingers. What came out looked like whitish/greyish worms. I then noticed a bunch of the same thing on my chin and began pushing those out with the same result. There were hundreds of whitish/greyish worms coming out of my face.

In the second dream, I was a woman and cleaning up the kitchen. I was in the midst of washing dishes when the sink backed up. I looked down to see that the water was very dark and dirty. I put my hands into the dirty water to see if there was something in the drain blocking the water. At that time, I noticed that there were little white things floating and swimming in the water. I quickly took my hands out of the water and saw that they were worms. They had burrowed into my skin and were traveling up my arms towards my shoulders and face. I ran to the bathroom to see in the mirror where they were going. The rest of the dream consisted of me digging the worms out of my skin trying to purify myself. Some worms were bigger than others and some were also harder to remove. When I pulled them out of my skin with my hands they would pop back like rubber bands.




One thought on “Dream of Worms and Blackheads

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