A Prayer to Bind Evil Spirits and Make Them Leave Your Home

I got this prayer from a friend of mine:

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
May the angels of heaven be sent forth to protect us as we go forth as God’s servants to do His will.
Defend us O Lord from all the powers of darkness; protect us with your holy angels from the attacks of the evil ones; and from the evil wishes, wicked knowledge and psychic attacks of our brothers and sisters who work evil against us, either intentionally or through ignorance; help us Lord to refuse and rebuke all evil in Your Name.
I come in the Name of Jesus. Under His authority. under His banner, under the protection of His Blood.
In the Name of Jesus, I hereby repent and renounce any wicked deed or act that has ever been done in this place or in the hearts of those that have ever lived here.
In the Name and by the authority of Jesus, and by the power of His Precious Blood. I hereby bind and make it known to all spirits not in the worship of God, that you may no longer exercise dominion over this place and to those who live here. In the Name of Jesus, I command you to stop all evil activities and attacks now.
In the Name of Jesus, I hereby break any contracts, agreements, curses, spells or any legal rights held by any evil spirit over this place, and over all those that live here. Whatever reason or act, be it intentional or unintentional, that brought you here or that sent you here, I break it right now in Jesus’ name. You have no authority here. The contract of Calvary renders any authority you might think you have null and void. A contract written in Jesus’ own blood. A contract that states that Jesus paid in full, with His Precious Blood, for this place and all the souls that live here. This place and all those who live here belong to Jesus, and have so ever since He defeated you at the cross. It is Jesus that has full authority here now, and you are trespassing on His property and in the lives of His people.
I plead the Blood of Jesus against you evil spirits, and by the power of that Blood and in the Name of Jesus, I hereby close and seal all entry points, portals, or doorways that have been opened in this place, whether intentionally or by ignorance. And, to any evil or demonic spirits here in this place, not in the worship of God; In the name of Jesus I bind you and command you never again to return; never again to obey those that may have sent you; never again to return even through recognition, invitation, or command.
As the darkness flees from the light, and the wicked from the sight of God.
You dark and wicked spirits, In the Name of Jesus, I command you to leave this place now and never return.
You dark and wicked spirits, In the Name of Jesus, I command you to leave this place now and never return.
You dark and wicked spirits, In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I command you to leave this place now and never return.
In the Name of Jesus, I pray for the Holy Spirit to come into this place. I pray for the peace, the love, and the light of the Holy Spirit to fill this place. To fill this property, this house, every room, every closet, every cabinet, inside the walls, under the floors, in the basement, the crawlspaces, the attic, every crack and every crevice. Let there be no dark place for the evil ones to hide or return to. I pray Lord and ask in Jesus’ Name, that you set up a hedge of angels around this place. To guard over and protect this place, and all those who live here.
I pray Lord that Your Holy Spirit will draw all the people living here closer to You. I pray that You will reveal Your Glory and Your presence to them. That they may know that You are God, and that You are in control. And that no evil shall ever prevail over You, or to those that love You and draw near to You.
In the Name of Jesus, as it is written, so let it be done.


9 thoughts on “A Prayer to Bind Evil Spirits and Make Them Leave Your Home

  1. Pray for my family restoration. Past 1year we are separated because off adultery and witchcraft spirit.pray to god join our family.

  2. Our God is Almighty. His mere presence is the cause of demons fleeing. Thank HIM for the Almighty GOD HE IS and as if though your family is restored and pray the blood of JESUS over all. You are a child of God and therefore live under his protection. HE wants the best for us. Evil wants to draw your attention away from GOD by turning your head to focus on the earthly things. I nearly lost my path and thank Holy Spirit for turning my head back to JESUS CHRIST.

      1. Thank you are submitting this pray for help of the evil spirits and I thank God. Amen.

  3. This prayer is a good one. It should be noted that it needs to be said and prayed in Spirit and in Truth, with Emotion and Thought and Love for God in Faith while dwelling on God on his word. A little fasting would also help, as it is a method of bringing one closer to God and is supported biblically. Without these things, they are just words and incantations and will have little effect.

    1. Steve S: Thanks for your input. The purpose of my putting these prayers and other things on this blog is to collect them so that others can use them to their benefit. I don’t tell people what to believe or how to manage their faith. If someone wants to take advantage of something I’ve posted, then that’s great. If not, then they can go on their own way. I don’t mean to offend you (really I don’t) and I don’t want to start drama with you, however, I find your comment to be somewhat legalistic in it’s content. Honestly, it’s not up to you, or me, or anyone else to tell people what to feel when they pray (if they choose to pray). A person’s relationship with God, the Source, the Creator, et al… is a very personal one and everyone is at a different place in their life and everything that is said (or not said) is filtered through whatever is going on in their lives at that moment. Again, I thank you for your interest and your opinion.

  4. Love it and I agree fasting will jumpstart, open doors, and bring closure. I will pray this pray for 40 days straight and prepare for fasting asking for God to incorporate my spirit , mind, and soul for this journey. Amen

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