Another Dream of Worms and a Dream of Anointing.

I have had another dream of worms. This time, I dreamed I was looking at myself in the mirror yet again, when I saw two horizontal lines of worms crawling under my skin: one going left the one below it going right. I reached up to my eye and pulled one out. This time, it was black with a little white eye. In this dream, I also went to the doctor and asked if these worms could be transmitted via breast milk to my daughter since I was still nursing and the doctor said yes.

I have no idea what this dream means or any other of the worm dreams I have been having lately. If anyone reads this and can enlighten me I would sure love the help.

The night before I had the last worm dream, I dreamed that I was anointed with golden oil from a white chalice. I don’t remember seeing anyone, but I feel like I was kneeling. I remember seeing the oil come out of the chalice towards my face. I don’t remember feeling it on my face or hair, but woke from the dream knowing that it had covered me.


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