Mercury Retrograde Talisman


Since Mercury is going into retrograde on October 4 and will be so until October 25, I thought I would post a simple talisman spell to help get through this confusing time. I will be doing this myself as soon as I get an orange sharpie and some lavender incense. You can cast your circle if you feel it necessary.

Mercury Retrograde Talisman

On a small octagonal piece of paper with one point up, draw the symbol of Mercury in orange ink and decorate the border with orange ink. (The number of Mercury is eight, the color is orange.) Light a stick of lavender or white sandalwood incense and draw a circle around you. Hold the talisman and recite:

Winged god of thought and speech and sign,
As I my thoughts and words do send,
Touch this small charm with light divine,
So magic may all errors mend.


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