Palm Reading: Lesson One

palm reading

Lesson One:
Right hand or left hand?

Palm reading is a very common form of Gypsy fortune telling and while it takes many years to learn this magical art of divination, there are some basics to the art that you can learn quickly. Palmistry is also known as chiromancy, which comes from the Greek word ‘chirology’, which means ‘hand study’. This ancient art has been studied by many cultures including the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians and Tibetans.

The traditional view in palm reading is that the dominant hand, in most cases the right hand, is the hand that is always changing. It is a hand of action and a hand that builds things. It represents the life we have created for ourselves.The right hand is also controlled by the left side of the brain. This is the analytical part of the mind that controls reason, speech and logic.

The left hand is the static or passive hand. It is the hand that we are born with and is much more resistant to change. It is controlled by the right half of the brain which is the creative, spiritual and emotional half of the mind.

Some palmists choose whichever hand is dominant to be the present/past life hand and the non-dominant hand as the future life hand. The non- dominant hand shows me a persons potential and what could be. This does not necessarily mean it is what will be. This is why I look at both hands; for the differences between the passive hand and dominant hand. The lines on your dominant palm gradually change as you change, and they tell a story of your life, past and present.


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