The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Weise Owl

November 26th will roll in an intense Neptune-Saturn square. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius compelling us to hit the (philosophy) books and create structure around our ideas about religion, higher education, and foreign culture. How this is playing out for you depends on which house Sagittarius and Pisces are ruling in your chart. There are a lot of free astrology chart generators out there, find one and see what’s happening.

Neptune is currently at home in Pisces. Pisces rules dreams, that which is hidden, spirituality, euphoria, empathy. The list goes on. Pisces dissolves.

Starting on the 26th, this square unifies our ability to make our dreams real. The divine influence of Pisces can begin to dissipate outworn structures (Saturn) in our thinking making way for new connections with the sacred (Pisces). Saturn can create the scaffolding, the beginning of any real change. This union promises the ability to bridge the…

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