Dream of the Conveyor Belt of Body Parts and Yoda On A Shoulder

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a factory of some kind. I was standing in front of a conveyor belt where there were passing in front of me the lower torsos of women. They were upside down as if they had been cut in the midsection and flipped upside down so that they could fit neatly on the conveyor belt. Every one of the lower torsos had had their genitalia removed. Their legs were moving around wildly as if they were still connected to their bodies. What I saw between the legs looked like butchery. It was all blood dripping and wiggling legs.

In the other part of my dream, I was in a dry desert area. A very large man was standing in front of me with a person sitting on his shoulder facing backwards. This person looked like Yoda. The Yoda person was speaking to me about universal spiritual truths and a bible based on the Star Wars philosophies.



Dream of My Father and Measuring Electromagnetic Bodily Energy

I haven’t been keeping up with my dream journal like I should have. I’ve had some crazy dreams over the past few days, but since I didn’t write them down like I should have I have forgotten them. However, I do remember the one I had yesterday and the one I had last night. So, here they are:

Yesterday, while taking a nap with my daughter, I dreamt of my father. He passed in April of 2011. He was 82. I think he was sitting behind a desk. He was talking to me, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. It was all garbled. What I do remember is seeing his face and his white hair. I have been trying to find out a way to find out what his message was to me. I’ve had several people tell me that he is still here with me. I’m pretty sure my daughter sees him. 

Last night, I dreamt that I was sitting in a chair and someone was trying to measure my energy by putting their hand to my forehead. That’s really all I remember of that one. 

Dream of Calendars- 2/24/14

Last night I was spiritually attacked after giving a very negative tarot reading to a person who, I found out later, had demonic spirits attached to her: an incubus and a vampire demon. Those are the only two I know of. I severed contact with her because of the attack.

I did a past, present and future reading for her. The past card was the Four of Pentacles which symbolizes someone who is selfish in every way; taking and never giving; perhaps hoarding something like wealth for fear that it will disappear or someone will take it; someone who hates and resents change; someone who only has one view of the world; someone who has cut themselves off from everyone due to their selfishness and someone who is in denial of the things right in front of them. The present card was Temperence, but it was inverted, suggesting of someone who is not in harmony with anything; who has no equilibrium; no moderation of extremes or self restraint; I got the feeling that this person’s personality was manic and all over the place. Her future card was the Two of Swords suggesting that in her near future, she would be in a weird lock step dance with those around her trying to find some grace, but never getting there. She would never compromise and would still be in denial and those around her would find her hard, stubborn and unyielding.

She told me that I was in no way right about this. That my whole reading of her had been wrong. By this time, I had begun to feel the first of the attack so I knew that I was right and that she was totally in denial just as the cards said that she would be. She got very angry with me so I severed contact with her and suffered through her attack for the rest of the night and into the next morning.

I tried to sleep, but only had dreams of calendars floating through space. I did some research on dreams of calendars and discovered that calendars in dreams can signify a date looming that you’d rather not think about; can mean that you are a very organized person; also can mean a gradual reduction of worries. Since I’m not very organized I guess I’m going to go with a looming date I’m not looking forward to and/or a gradual reduction of worries. I have been meaning to perform the binding spell again since the last full moon, but haven’t done it. I had to get supplies and then I bought a black onyx and a rainbow moonstone ring so those had to be cleansed for 72 hours in the freezer so….I don’t know why I’m procrastinating. I should be on top of this so that the stalker will not move against me.

Dream of My Twin, the Three-Eyed Tiger and the Sorcerer

This dream is going to be hard to describe because it was all over the place and because I am only remembering fragments of it.

I was a twin. I had long coal black wavy-to-straight hair. I seem to have been pretty proud of my hair because there were several times in the dream where I saw myself in the mirror futzing with it. I was young and pretty. My twin looked like me but had light blonde hair.

It seems that she had been dating a man who was some kind of wizard or sorcerer. There was a point in the dream where a narrator was telling a story of a two tigers born a world away: one female, one male. The female had six eyes with one eye having a double eye. That is, in one eye there were two complete eyeballs: white, iris, and pupil. The male had three eyes of which the third, on the forehead in the tradition place of the “third eye”, had the double eyeball. The female tiger cub had died shortly after being born, but the male had survived and was now in the possession of my twin’s wizard/sorcerer boyfriend. The tiger was supposed to be special because it had a spiritual power or had a spirit attached to it. I’m unclear on this point.

I remember being at a school with my twin who, since she had started seeing her boyfriend, was prone to violent outbursts and would seem to become a totally different person. I spent most of the dream protecting her.  At one point, while we were at the school in the bathroom, I was fussing around with my hair and admiring myself in the mirror, when my twin had one of her violent fits. This time, her whole appearance changed. She was hitting me and screaming obscenities. I had to drag her from the bathroom and out of the school. Once we were outside, the school exploded into flames. While we were standing in the parking lot well away from the flames, I saw the three-eyed tiger on the far side of the property watching us and pacing back and forth.

It seems that my twin and I lived in a loft type apartment with a large basement. I took her there after we left the school. I put her to bed and went to look for her boyfriend. I guess I was going to give him the what for, but I’m not really sure. I walked there from our living space. It was a sunny day and I remember seeing all sorts of people sitting on a grassy lawn in front of the place where her boyfriend lived. There had to be 200 sitting on the lawn. I remember thinking that they were all deceived sycophants.

When I got inside, I was again in a bathroom looking at myself in a mirror. There was a window on my right and I saw the tiger walk by it. I don’t remember ever actually finding her boyfriend there, but getting out of the building was quite challenging. I think I was being chased. I think I stole a car and then there ensued a high speed chase on many curvy roads.

What is interesting about this is that I actually saw my face in the mirror. As I’ve stated before, I hardly ever see faces in my dreams. Also, I don’t have any siblings that I am aware of, much less a twin. The twin may represent a different side of my personality.

Dream of J.

I dreamt of J whom I’ve known in real life since about 2007 and who lived with me for the better part of that year.

I was working behind a desk at a hotel or a hospital. I remember fiddling with the picture of myself in my badge thinking that it was too small and wishing that they would hire me on permanently instead of my having to labor away as a temp.

I went with a coworker to the bar/restaurant on site. We watched with amusement as several young men met at the bar and attracted a bevy of women. As I watched, one of them looked me in the eye and I realized it was J and he recognized me. He smiled but the smile did not reach his eyes. It was more of an acknowledgment of  “I see you”.

At this point, I became frightened and left the restaurant as nonchalantly as possible. Once out in the hallway, I started to run for the elevators thinking if I could just get to the elevators I would be safe. I felt that J was chasing me, but I never saw him. Also, as I was running down the hallway, I got a vision of him chasing me on another earlier occasion in a school, but that time I hadn’t gotten away. I got to the elevators and pressed the “1” button for the first floor and felt the elevator start to descend. I remember thinking I hoped that I had outrun him and that he hadn’t taken the other elevator down ahead of me.

This is a strange dream, because J has never stalked me or threatened me.  I don’t know what this dream signifies other than I am running from someone, which I am. Incidentally, in the dream, J did not look like himself. He looked like Spock from the series Star Trek. Maybe I just watch too much sci fi.

Dream of M *again*

I keep having dreams of M (he is a guy I know and have known for at least 20 years). This time, I saw him engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman who had short dark hair. I saw her face, which is odd, because I hardly ever see faces in my dreams. That part was very short and then morphed into what I felt like was me about to get married to someone named Skip or Skipper. I didn’t know the man really, but evidently, the marriage was approved of by all of my friends and family. By this time, I felt like I was the person from the sexual encounter with M, but I remember seeing her from above so I’m confused about that part. If she were me, then I wouldn’t have been able to see her face from that viewpoint. She also told him to give her all of his pain and anger and she would filter through herself so that he could be healed spiritually.  This is strange, because, I have been told that this is one of my spiritual gifts.

Anyway, I had picked out a dress. It was a one-shouldered floral affair which everyone seemed to love. I remember it had lots of red roses at the bottom. Before the wedding, I went to some sort of salon where I got my hair and makeup done by another person I know, L (I’ve also known her for around 20 years. She is really a make-up artist.) She airbrushed most of my make-up and then worked on my eyes with lots of black liner. I remember she gave me a mirror so I could see her work. She had made my eyes look huge and disproportionate to my face. I remember thinking I looked like an anime character. After L was done, I went into another part of the salon to get my hair done. All the while, I was thinking about M.

After my hair and makeup was done, I was left to myself alone in one of the bedrooms of the house where the salon was located. M came barging through the door with a large blue sombrero in one hand and maracas in the other. I was very glad to see him. We kissed and hugged. Then, he knelt and told me that he wanted to marry me and that we should elope to Las Vegas. (At this point, I was really confused as to why he had a blue sombrero and maracas.) He told me that I should not marry Skip because he didn’t love me and he knew that I didn’t love him. He said that he knew the only reason I was going ahead with the marriage was because Skip was wealthy and I wanted the security. I told M that I loved him, but that I couldn’t stop the wedding. He was devastated and left.

At this point, L, came in with my dress and helped me put it on. I walked out of the room to much Oooing and ahhing. I walked by the back of the sanctuary (somehow the house had a salon and a church) and saw Skip walking to and fro at the front by the pulpit.

The next thing I remember was being in a diner still all made up with my wedding dress on. I was trying to call M to no avail. I kept trying to dial his number, but my fingers kept hitting the wrong buttons or the number would just disappear on the screen.  I started to cry out of sheer frustration and then someone pushed toward me one of those old rotary dial phones. I dialed his number. He picked up and I asked him excitedly where he was. He wouldn’t say, but I had a vision of him trapped and bloody somewhere and knew that he had done this to himself. I kept asking him where he was and that I would come get him, but he would never say.

Nightmares and Out of Body Experiences

The night before last, I fell asleep after having prayed and “hedged” myself with protection. I have had to do that every night since the early nineties, otherwise, I am plagued by nightmares and not just any old nightmares like running from the neighbor’s angry dog. My nightmares are vivid, technicolor, very dark, and very insidious. They usually involve me being attacked in some way by a demonic force.

I remember this happening since my childhood. Sometimes, I would have nightmares and wake up feeling like I had had intercourse, but knowing that I had not. I have woken from nightmares smelling foul odors like rotting flesh and have felt things crawl over me. I have also woken from nightmares and felt dark presences with me. I have even seen a figure sitting on a bed across from me who was shaped like a person, but was a black shadow sucking in all the available light.

When I began to hedge my sleep in my early twenties, these things began to happen with much less frequency. For the first time in my life, I was able to sleep soundly and without waking up terrified several times a night. I have done it for the majority of nights ever since. I rarely get nightmares and/or night time visitations anymore.

I have been having them again recently. The first was a couple of weeks ago. I will describe it here:

I was in a morgue-type setting. It was chilly. Everything white, bright and cold. I saw a nude female body on a slab in front of me. She had long, blonde hair which was matted with blood and dirt. Her body was twisted in such a way that she was laying partially on her side. She was cold and stiff with rigor mortis. The next thing I saw was her back. Someone had carved into her back the word “whore” over and over again. It was there so many times that there was hardly any place on her back where there was skin that was not carved. My eyes moved down her back to her buttocks and I noticed that her legs were spread apart vulgarly. I saw that where her genitals and anus had been that there was only one big hole: gaping, shredded and bloody. I knew in my heart that she had been raped repeatedly over a long period. The next thing I noticed were her thighs. Someone had made a deep cut from her crotch to her knee on the inside of both thighs. The cuts were so deep that I could see the layers of skin and fat all the way down to the bone. The cuts had then been sewn loosely with black thread in a cris-cross pattern that reminded me of corset laces.

Update: (February 13, 2014) I did some researching and found out that, according to Jungian psychology, seeing yourself dead in a dream can mean that a part of yourself is dead or dying and that you are moving on to something better or something positive. It could be that the woman on the slab in the morgue was a representation of my old self. How I used to see myself. Now that I am moving forward spiritually, emotionally and in my physical life she could be a representation of the negative things I’m leaving behind. Originally, I thought that the reason I dreamt that was that the person who is working against me felt such negativity towards me that he projected it on me and it manifested itself in my dream. This also could be the case since I have .been dealing with a lot of negative energy from him recently. He is one of those really bad people I got involved with during the last self destruct spiral I experienced due to the loss of my fiance.

That is the extent of that dream. I woke up very disturbed. The feeling of being ill at ease stayed with me for a few days. I had another dream that night, but right now, I can’t remember what it was.

The night before last, I had another bad one:

I dreamt that I was searching for a man.

I remember someone in the dream, who wasn’t physically present, say that this man had killed forty eight people. I went into this man’s house. I think I was on a ghost hunt, because I remember feeling strongly that he was a spirit and that he didn’t like his possessions, which were still in the house, moved.

I don’t remember entering through any kind of doorway. I just remember being there. I was standing in a darkened hallway and reached out to flip the light switch. It came on but only dimly and flickered. I remember knowing my way around this house like I had been there before. My favorite shawl was even hanging on a peg in the hallway. I remember this because I took it off the peg and put it on.

I knew where to reach out for the light switches even though I was mostly in the dark. I turned around to see a room on my left. I did not want to go in there because it was dark and the actual light switch I knew was all the way across the room, but I knew there there was a pull string to turn the light on so I pulled it, but it never came on.

I was terrified, but I turn back down the hallway and saw a room to my right. I KNEW that if I went in there that I would be in more danger and I knew that there was a light switch right inside the doorway, but I didn’t even stick my hand in there. I continued down the hallway and went through an open doorway and  up about three steps into a living room area that was very dimly lit. I really really wanted to get out of the house, but I happened to look into a room around the corner and to the left of the living room and saw a demonic face looking back at me smiling. It was so scary. I then was back in the living room area frantically searching for the front door. There was a fireplace directly across the room that I thought was the front door, but I was mistaken since was so frightened that I became confused and felt like I was spinning in circles and dizzy. I finally managed the front door and go outside.

Once outside, there was an animal with me that first appeared to be a cat. I walked down the walkway from the house to the street where I saw other houses. It was a residential neighborhood and, of course, it was dark out. I turned right and started walking up the side walk when I saw what appeared to be two or three children on the other side of the street walking towards me. As I walked they kept getting closer. As they got closer, I saw that they had no faces and that the one in the front was eating something that looked like a small leg, but again, I could see no mouth. They looked like shadows. Whatever light was around them was sucked up by them as they moved.

They started running towards me and I started running away from them, but I didn’t turn around. I ran backwards, or rather, I floated back wards very fast. I don’t remember my feet touching the ground. The animal that was with me then turned into something resembling a dog and began attacking the shadow children. I remember it pulling pieces off of them and spitting them out on the ground. It looked like they would have been chunks of flesh, but they were instead pieces of shadow.

I woke feeling super scared and with the enduring vision of that demonic smiling face. I was terrified. My heart was going ninety miles a minute and I felt a heaviness all around me. My face was VERY hot. It was radiating heat, but there was no heat source in the room. It hadn’t gotten very cold yet that night, so I hadn’t turned the heater on. I wake up several times during the night normally. I never sleep through the night anymore so I usually wind up turning the heater on during the night.

The rest of the room was kind of chilly, so I covered up my daughter and got up out of bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I went to the living room and sat in my chair. I just prayed, took authority over any evil spirits that may have been around, and read the bible aloud. I stayed in the living room reading aloud until my spirit felt calmer.

The next night, I described the dream to a friend of mine who is a dream interpreter. She thinks that I may have had an Out Of Body Experience and, from our long talk, she thinks that I may have been having them for years and thinking that they were bad dreams. This is something that I have suspected, but never really accepted since traditional Christianity says that they are part of witchcraft. I honestly don’t know how it is witchcraft and/or of the devil when I don’t know I’m doing it and can’t control when I do or don’t. I have lots of pleasant dreams in which I float around in and out of people’s houses. Those are accompanied by a warm and safe feeling.

Since this is happening again, I thought I would put here how I protect myself before I go to sleep. I pray something like this:

Heavenly Father,

In Jesus’ name, I put a hedge of protection around myself. (I then visualize the protective wall or bubble around myself.) I give my dreams to You. I give my body, spirit, and mind to You and pray that the Holy Spirit would protect my mind as I sleep. I pray that you would send angels to protect me. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

It’s a short prayer and it doesn’t have to go exactly that way, but everything has to be done in Jesus’ name, because like breaking the soul tie, it’s Jesus’ power that protects you not your own.

I will also make a page describing Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) and try to find how one is supposed to protect oneself or to control them. The link will be at the top of this blog.

Merry Part and Blessings Be!