blessed samhain2




I have been meditating a lot lately on the issue of Karma. Actually, it’s been on my mind for several years, but I never really took the time to get into it until lately. A lot of people think that karma is some sort of retribution or punishment for the things we have done (or not done as the case may be), but I don’t think that’s accurate. Also, some people are pleased when they see what they think is punishment doled out on someone who has hurt them or in some other way done them wrong. While this emotion is totally understandable it’s not, in my opinion, advisable for raising our frequencies and getting in touch with our higher selves.

The Source (God, higher power…etc.) has made the universe in such a way that it is always wanting to be in balance. This is the same way our bodies are made to stay in a state of balance or homeostasis. Everything we experience in our physical incarnations in this reality and everything we feel about those experiences is deposited, if you will, into a karmic “bank”. We are not always in line with the desires of our higher selves when we are incarnate here in this reality, however, when we died in our previous lives, we became in line with those desires. It’s like this: When we died in our previous lives we gained the knowledge of our higher selves which we didn’t have while we were in our physical body so that put us directly in line with the desires of our higher selves and with The Source.

In this spiritual state it is my opinion that we are able to choose how we want to live our next physical incarnation. The goal of the The Source and our higher selves is to continually raise our incarnate frequencies in order to be more in tune with the desires of our higher selves therefore being more open to the Source. So with that being said, it is my belief that a being may choose in a next life to be the exact opposite of what they were in a previous life because they know through all of the experiences held in the karmic bank what it will take for them to be more open and in tune with The Source. For example: Maybe a being choose in this present life to be born without much monetary means because in their previous life they had much and knew that another life like that would not lead them to a higher state of being. In this way, there is not so much a punishment associated with karma, but more of a choice. To quote the Matrix movies karma is more about “what I am here to do” rather than “why am I being punished?” I don’t think The Source punishes, but rather we are responsible for the consequences of our own action or inaction as the case may be.

If anyone has any thoughts on this please feel free to share them.

Daily Card Draw : Six of Wands



The suit of Wands is associated with the element of fire. The first thing I felt when I drew this card and saw that it was inverted was that my inner fire may be burning low today. Otherwise, this card speaks of someone who is over confident because they have conquered many people and difficult situations to get where they are. It speaks of victory and confidence in skills and abilities, but also speaks of a warning to avoid the hubris and lassitude that may come from sitting on top of the mountain.

Since my card is inverted, it is telling me that I don’t feel confident in my skills and abilities today. It is speaking to me of feeling like I will never be able to get to the top of the mountain. It is speaking of frustration.

I am frustrated in my role as a parent. My daughter is two and has the requisite tantrums which accompany two year olds. She screams, hits, sometimes bites, calls me names…the whole nine. At these times, I feel woefully ill equipped to deal with her. I am mainly an over indulgent parent and I’m very demonstrative with my affections. I hug and kiss her a lot and carry her around. She sits in my lap most times when we are at home. It’s when I stop being over indulgent and am firm on the boundaries that the tantrums come. I don’t know whether to just let her have her screaming fit or to try to intervene at that point. I definitely don’t want to spank her or use any other kind of physical intervention. I’ve tried “time out”, but that doesn’t work very well. She won’t stay where she’s supposed to. I’ve tried reasoning with her and explaining cause and consequence in a way hopefully that she can understand, but it doesn’t seem to stick in her brain. The next time I tell her that it’s bedtime or that she can’t jump on the bed because she will fall off, the tantrum will be inevitable. It leaves me feeling emasculated, feeling like a bad person and a bad mother, and feeling guilty for being so under equipped to deal with her at those moments. What I mainly do during these moments is pray silently for patience and that I can be enabled to be kind towards her no matter what her actions towards me may be.  I cannot express how much I love her and I always want her to know that she is my treasure and my aim is to always treat her as such.