This recipe for the Sweetenin’ Jar is copyrighted to Mama Star Casas.


This spell is to “sweeten” someone who has hard feelings for you in any respect. It softens them toward you. This will help with a person who:

1. has hard feelings toward you for any reason

2. has done and is continuing to do you harm

3. you want to help you

4. you want to talk to

5. you want to restore a relationship with

This will be useful, for instance, if you want a promotion at work or if you have some kind of relationship that you want to restore or if someone is doing you harm and you want them to stop but don’t want to do a spell to bind them or you want someone to help you for any reason.

What You Need

1. Empty jar that can be sealed to not leak.

2. Pen

3. Paper (You need pieces of paper small enough to put in the jar, but large enough to write someone’s name on it three times.)

4. Karo Syrup (Can be either light or dark, but I would suggest light.)

5. Tealight candle

Working The Spell

1. Take the pen and paper and write the name/s of the person/people who you want to “sweeten” toward you. Write their name/s on the piece of paper three times.

2. Place the pieces of paper in the empty jar.

3. Add the Karo syrup.

4. Seal the jar.

5. Light a tealight candle every night for 3 consecutive nights and let it burn on top of the sealed jar which contains the karo syrup/paper mixture. Let the candle burn out. Do not blow it out.

6. Every morning when you get up, give the jar a shake to “sweeten” that person/s toward you.

Note: I would suggest that when you are writing the name/s on the paper of the person/people you want to “sweeten” toward you that you actively think about that person and how much you want them to “sweeten” toward you. Think about what you want that person to do for you or how much you want to restore the relationship or how much you want them to stop doing harm to you,…etc. As with all spells, the power of your mind is what sets it into action. A strong mind and visualization=a strong spell.

Blessed Be.




square head nailsThis spell is for when someone is trying to wrongly throw you off your property or somewhere that you are staying/renting. This effectively takes the control away from the other person and puts it back in your hands so that you can leave of your own volition instead of being forced out.

What You Need

1. 3 Square Head Nails

2. Olive Oil

3. One garlic clove (crushed)

4. Empty Jar

5. Hammer

Working The Spell

1. Pour the olive oil in the empty jar.

2. Put the crushed garlic clove in the jar.

3. Anoint the nails with the olive oil/garlic mixture.

4. Take the anointed nails and the hammer and go to the front door of your house on the outside.

5. Hammer the three anointed nails into the very bottom part of the door frame on the outside while focusing your mind to visualize your feet being “nailed” to the property.

Bayou Laroux Hoodoo and Conjure

You’re now done.

Just a side note: As with all spells, this one also is all about the power of your mind and your visualizations. You must visualize very clearly your feet being “nailed” to the property. Do this well, and the spell will work well.


Basic Glossary of Voodoo Louzianne

marie leveau

Asson-Sacred Rattle given during a Mambo or Houngan’s rite of passage from an ordinary initiate to the priesthood. It is a symbol and action of their power as a priest/ess of the lwa.
Atibon Legba– Name invoked for the guardian of the crossroads “Papa Legba” of Dahomey origin known there as Elegba Elegbara. All rituals start and end with Legba.

ATR-Abbreviation used meaning African Traditional Religion, used to denote any religion and practice based on African Tribal Traditions including: Palo, Santeria, Umbanda, Quimbanda, and Vodoun and many others.

Bawon– Also spelled (Baron) the husband of Maman Brigitte and father of all the Ghede. He is also the purveyor of souls and master of sexuality and health. If he does not dig the grave then one cannot die.

Bokor– A priest of Voodoo or a Voodoo practitioner that practices Ouanga or Juju Magick.

Boutey Lwa– A specifically created and decorated bottle prepared by a Houngan or Mambo to house a lwa.

Bondieu li Grande Zombi-Name given to the Grand Architect of the Universe, The Distant Great and Good God who created the world and is viewed as a Huge Serpent. Also known as Damballah Husband of the Lwa Ayida Wedo. Sometimes known as “Gran Met” The Great Head.

Dahomey– Area in Africa where Vodou was born. Referred to in Voodoo tradition as Ginen.
Djab-Group of lwa used for good and bad Ouanga whose head is Erzulie Dantor.
Doll Baby– A way of work done using Dolls that invokes the spirits and allows them to live in the doll.

Ellegua, Elegba, Eshu and Exu– Names given for the spirit of the crossroads in various traditional African based Traditions, Santeria, Palo, and Voodoo
Erzulie– Pronounced Eh-Zee-Lee, a family of lwa that includes Erzulie Dantor and Erzulie Freda as well as many others.

Fet– Creole word meaning Feast as in Fet Ghede: Feast of Ghede, etc…

Garde– a talisman used to guard the home from bad juju and spirits. Also a type of spirit put into service to act as the same.

Ghede– Name given to a Family and Nation of Ancestral Lwa(Loa) Led by Bawon(Baron) and Maman Gran Brigitte, the King and Queen of the Cemetery and the parents of all the Ghede.

Ginen– Name given to African Motherland but also the name given to the land of spirit.

Grande Cimitiere-(Grand Cemetary) Name used for the Land of the Dead and the kingdom of the Ghede.

Gran– Title given to certain Lwa meaning Great or Powerful, for instance; Maman Gran Brigitte, Gran Bois, Gran Met, etc….

Granny Bo– A lwa unique to voodoo Louzianne, widely feared and rarely talked bout. Is thought to be a spirit of death and evil sorcery. She is said to eat human victims who trespass on her land located in The Devil’s Bayou near Metairie, Louisiana.

Gris-Gris– Use and construction of Dolls, Pouches and things that are filled with all manner of root, curios and invocations to heal, or hurt. Similar to Hoodoo Mojo bags and dolls and also Native American Nation’s Sacks.

Haint– A Malevolent spirit summoned by a Bokor to cause suffering and death to a person or family. These are called Duppy in Haitian Creole and Anima Solas in Santeria/Lukumi

Hanfour– (Hanfo) The name given to a Voodoo temple and it’s congregation.

Houngan(Priest)– Male Initiate who through divination has been chosen by the lwa to receive the Asson. Also along with the Priestess (Mambo) he is the head of the Hanfour.

Ibo (see Granny Bo above)– A lwa of nature herself from Dahomey thought to have become Granny Bo when reached the American Shores. She is a powerful healer and root worker and a powerful witch prone to fits of rage ending in human death.

Jackdaw– Large Black Raven-like bird said to be the taker of spirit. In Louisiana when a person dies loud music is often played along with prayer to keep the Jackdaw from collecting the soul before Bawon can get to it.

Juju– Form of Gris Gris that includes the remains of something once alive.

Lave-Tet– Literally mean Headwashing. A blessing ceremony performed in Voodoo Louzianne to cleanse the body and the mind and to prepare as a seat for spirit.

L’ange de Congolese– A form of speaking in tongues that illegitimate people in the French Quarter use in their ceremonies. Not a true form of practice of Voodoo but rather a form more a kin to a circus act or a tourist show than anything  true voodoos would practice.
Lwa(Loa)– Spirits or intercessor who act as facets or faces of the Distant God. These spirits handle the earthly cares of men and women and all are reached first by invoking Legba. Each Lwa is syncretized in Voodoo Louzianne with a particular Saint. Lwa originate in Dahomey and are the same as the Orisha of the Yoruba peoples.
Mambo-Priestess– Woman equivalent of Houngan who also has been given the Asson.

Maman Gran Brigitte– Mother of the Ghede and wife of Bawon. She is syncretized with St. Brigit and also with the Goddess Bride. She is depicted as a stout cigar smoking, whiskey drinkin red haired Irish woman who speaks with a raucous and raunchy language with an Irish accent. She is responsible for the transmutation of the spirit to becoming a lwa or a Ghede or if worthy of becoming one with Bondieu li Grande Zombi.

Mamz’elle Marie Laveau– Most famous and powerful of the NOLA Voodoo Queens, much legend and controversy surround her. Suffice it to say that here that she is responsible for the evolution of Vodou from Africa and Haiti becoming what we know as Voodoo Louzianne. She was a devout catholic and attended mass everyday of her life. On Sundays she went to church and then conducted Voodoo ceremonies in Congo square on Sunday Afternoons. She was a Free woman of color and ran several successful businesses including a hair salon and a Maisson la Rouge( Red House) aka a Brothel. She was wealthy and very powerful. She is rumored to be buried in St. Louis number 1 as the Widow Parris. She had a daughter who carried on and became a Voodoo Queen in her own right named Marie Laveau II. Mamz’elle is a Voodoo Saint, an Ancestor of all Voodoos and also a Voodoo Louzianne Lwa as well.

Met-Tet– Spirit of the Head or the Lwa that one is born with. This is determined by a Houngan or Mambo during a divination that will tell them the exact lwa who is your personal Guardian.

Nacion– Term used for the different tribes of Lwa spirits. The most commonly invoked Nacions in Voodoo Louzianne are:
Rada, Petro, Nago, Ghede and Zandor

Ouanga-To Hex or Curse someone. Also spelled Wanga

Pere Antoine– a Spanish Capuchin, Fray Antonio de Sedella, became the chief prelate in the New Orleans Catholic Church for the first decades after the Louisiana Purchase. Always, at conflict the authority, he independently established many practices unique to New Orleans. Since most of the persons attending Mass in those times seem to have free women of color, Marie Laveau and Voodoo became among his familiars. Known for personal charity, society with black communities, and work in the Yellow Fever epidemics he became very popular. On September 16, 1801 he baptized Marie Laveau. In 1819 he performed her marriage and subsequently baptized her children. His history of ecumenical liberalism and inclusiveness gives rise to the theory he and Marie Laveau began the acknowledged integration of Voodoo and Catholicism in New Orleans.

Peristyle– Entrance or porch to a Hanfo.

Priere de Ginen(Prayer of Africa)– Prayer that opens every Voodoo Ceremony that calls on the powers of God, Mary, The Saints, Legba and all the Nacion Lwa bein called. In full can last a total of two hours, shorter versions are used though. They are typically chanted or sung with a call and response method.

Veve/Vever– sacred symbolic sigil or calling card of the Lwa that is either painted or drawn on the floor with Cornmeal and flour durin Fets and other ceremonies.

Vodooeinne/Vodousi– Terms used interchangeably for any male or female, initiated or not who practices Voodoo Louzianne
Zombi– Word meaning snake or venom poisoned. Also was name of Marie Laveau’s pet albino python who, she believed to be Bondieu li Grande Zombi incarnate. Zombi also is a term given to folk poisoned with a powder made by some Bokors to make them mindless slaves in a death like trance.

Ce Bon Doktor Grey Ravyn


Simple Prayer of Power to Chango


Oh Sovereign and Mysterious spirit Chango who directs the destiny of our lives, watch over me. Humbly I pray that you light the way for me to obtain, through your secrets and great power as a warrior, fortune and luck in my job, business and gambling so that I can take care of my needs and gain a joyful soul and peace of mind. I kneel before your image, I admire your power, strength, and knowledge, and I ask for your benevolence. In the name of God and the Holy Spirit, protect me from all evil influences and evil thoughts and intentions of my enemies. There will be no need to retreat because you will be with me and you will help me in all of my needs. Chango, my guide and protector, grant me ________ (say here what you need help with). In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From Ce Bon Doktor Grey Ravyn





Hoodoo/Vodou Green Money Conjure


prosperity tree

Green Rice is an old conjure that is lucky because when one is poor and had Rice one would not starve. Likewise if one grew rice one could make quite a bit of money. In the south  cotton was king, but rice was the fuel of the plantation machine and even the poorest of the poor slaves knew that rice held power. This Green Rice is made and then anointed with Money Draw oil, which you will find as the very next recipe in this post after the rice. The rice is then placed in a Green Flannel Bag and 3 shiny pennies which have been anointed with Money Draw are thrown in as well. Tie this all closed and then pray Psalm 23 over it. This work should then be placed on a table with a Green Novena candle that also has been dressed with Money draw oil and prayed over.


green novena candle

The work should begin on a Monday and should be worked a full 7 days to finish charging on the following Monday morning. After the 7 days the Mojo should be carried in your right pocket and anointed with the oil every Monday at the beginning of your day and prayed over using Psalm 23.


Green Rice Recipe:
1/2 cup raw rinsed white rice, non-instant
1/4 cup finely shredded Dollar Bill
3 drops Money Drawing Oil
1 sm. drop green food coloring
Pray psalm 23 as mixing this in a bowl, then place on a cookie sheet on the lowest setting of your oven(Warm) for an hour just to dry the mixture.
Place in small ziplock baggies when ready and keep on hand for making all manner of Money Mojo.

Psa 23:1 A Psalm of David. Jehovah is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Psa 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside still waters.
Psa 23:3 He restoreth my soul: He guideth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Psa 23:4 Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Psa 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: Thou hast anointed my head with oil; My cup runneth over.
Psa 23:6 Surely goodness and lovingkindness shall follow me all the days of my life; And I shall dwell in the house of Jehovah for ever.


Money Draw Oil
3 sprigs Fresh Penny Royal
3 Bay Leaves
1 Dollar Bill shredded
1 pinch Lemon Grass(dried)
3 Sprigs Fresh Mint
1/2 cup Olive Oil
Bring all items to simmer in a small pan then simmer for 23 minutes on low exactly.
pour into individual bottles and before capping, cut the 23rd psalm from a bible and burn it to ash and add it to the oil then seal. Use to anoint candles, Mojo Hands or anything you are making to draw money and prosperity.
Ce Bon Doktor Grey-Ravyn


Vodou Glossary of Terms

papa legba

I am just beginning my study of Vodou/Hoodoo, so I found this glossary of terms quite helpful. I thought it might help someone else, too.

Voodoo Glossary of Terms

boko (baw-kaw)

:A Vodou priest who practices black magic; different from an oungan or mambo.



Bondye (bohn-dyay)

:The supreme being; derived from the French “bon Dieu”, meaning “good God.”



gris-gris (gree-gree)

:In New Orleans voodoo, the most powerful charm, which combines black and white magic.



hoodoo (who-doo)

:An African-American tradition of folk magic, herbal medicine and conjuring; not related to Vodou.



juju (joo-joo)

:In New Orleans voodoo, a charm used mostly in good, or healing, magic.



kalfou (kahl-foo)

:The crossroads where good and evil intersect; the sacred place where offerings are made.



lougarou (loo-gah-roo)

:A black magician who can shape-shift into an animal; a vampire who sucks blood from children.



lwa (l-wah)

:Or “loa,” the supernatural, immortal spirits who oversee different areas of the natural world and human experience. Similar to saints, humans can petition them for help.



mambo (mahm-bo)

:A fully initiated priestess of Vodou.



mojo (mo-jo)

:In New Orleans voodoo, a charm that brings to its holder a specific benefit, such as money, love or protection.



ouanga (oo-on-gah):

:A malevolent charm used by a boko in black magic. Also spelled wanga.



oungan (oon-gon)

:A fully initiated priest of Vodou.



Papa Legba (pah-pah leg-ba)

:The most powerful lwa, he guards the gateway between the material and spiritual worlds. Those wishing to communicate with other lwa first must honor him through ritual and offerings.



zombi (zom-bee)

:A body without a soul that a boko has raised from the dead to use as slave labor.

*I got this list from a Facebook group called Bayou Laroux Hoodoo and Conjure/Ce Bon Doktor Grey Ravyn who got it off of Beliefnet


Vodou/Hoodoo Justice Spell for a Child- Calling on Erzulie Dantor

Erzulie Dantor and Mama Dantor

Here is a page with some fabulous information on Erzulie Dantor, her life, her siblings and her children. I strongly suggest before you do any work with/for Erzulie Dantor that you read up on her and fully understand who she is and how she operates.

You will need an altar before you do anything else. This is a good site that explains ways to set up a Vodou/Hoodoo altar.

The next thing to do for this spell/conjure is to make your Justice Oil. Here is the recipe:

Voodoo/Hoodoo Justice Oil

1. Some soil from a courthouse

2. Three iron nails

3. Pinch of soil from a police station

4. Plastic spray bottle

5. Olive Oil

Putting it together

1. Add the courthouse soil, the three iron nails and the pinch of soil from the police station to your plastic bottle. Shake well.

2. While you are shaking the mixture, pray one Our Father and three Hail Marys

3. Add the olive oil to cover.

4. Shake well again.

5. Spray the candle you are using for your conjure/spell while reciting Psalm 82


Working the Conjure/Spell

*Keep in mind that Mama Dantor is served on Tuesdays.

What you will need:

1. An altar.

2. An image of Erzulie Dantor (you can download and print one off the interwebs)

3. A blue candle that has been dedicated and consecrated to Erzulie Dantor using Justice Oil

4. A silver ring with a red or blue stone preferably. Or you can use any silver ring.

5. Unfiltered cigarettes (or you can use incense but make SURE that you tell Mama Dantor WHY you are using it).

6. A bottle of rum.

7. A bible.

8. A picture of the person you want Mama Dantor to protect or exact justice/retribution for (if you don’t have a photo you can write his/her name and date of birth on separate bits of paper and work those the way you would a picture).

9. A picture of the person you want Mama Dantor to exact her vengeance/justice/retribution on (if you don’t have a picture you can write his/her name and date of birth on separate bits of paper and work them the way you would the picture).

Doing the work:

1. Put your image of Erzulie Dantor on your altar.

2. Place the person’s picture you want Mama Dantor to protect under the blue candle.

3. Light the candle.

4. Say this, “Erzulie Dantor, I offer up to you <name>. Protect her/him and keep her/him safe from harm as she/he is hurting and helpless. Anais remember your pains and convince your mother to take this child as her own!”

5. Then offer your silver ring to Mama Dantor as an offering and say this, “Mama Dantor, I offer this ring of your retribution against this abusive man/woman who takes innocence and virtue from the helpless!”

6. Light your cigarette and let the smoke waft around the altar and put the bottle of rum on the altar as well and say this, “As further payment I offer you this cigarette smoke and this rum. Hear me Mama and bring justice upon his/her head! Ache.”

7. Let the candle burn out on it’s own and know that she will wreak havoc on his/her life.

8. As an extra, take a picture of the person you are wanting Mama Dantor to wreak her vengeance/justice/retribution on and put it face down on top of Psalm 82 in the bible. Close the bible and slam it down on a table and say this, “I call on the rigteous justice of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!”

*I got this spell and the recipe for making Justice Oil from Ce Bon Doktor Grey Ravyn on his Facebook group, Bayou Laroux Hoodoo and Conjure .



ancestor altar

Ancestor Elevation
The Ancestors are very important to us. Through all of them, we were created. They guide us, help us, clear obstacles, and form the base of all Afro Caribbean traditions. It is important to create and maintain a good relationship with them in order to find success in life. Accordingly, I am posting an elevation ceremony for your ancestors which you can do at home.

Elevating the ancestors helps them immensely. It clears their paths and helps them. When you help them, they will be able to find it easier to help you. Elevating them gives them more power which in turn they will use to bless you. As your ancestors are elevated, you will find that things come easier, you have fewer obstacles, have more insightful dreams, and reach your goals much easier.

What you will need:
•7 small “emergency” white candles (sometimes referred to as utility candles)
•A white rosary
•A meal for the seventh day
•A glass of water
•7 bricks
•Holy Water
Some people prefer to do this for 9, 11, 13, or 21 days. For that you will need to increase the number of candles and bricks. You can also alternately use a seven-day white candle.

First, you should set aside a space to do this. If you have an ancestral altar, it is very appropriate to do it there. If you do not, you can set aside a little corner in your home to do it.

You should say a humble prayer to God. All things come after God. Light your white candle, and pray. Then pray to your ancestors, call the names of those you know and for those you don’t know say “To all those ancestors that I know and do not know, to all of those for whom I prayed and didn’t pray, to all those I greeted and did not greet”. You should pray for their – and your – spiritual elevation, for the removal of obstacles, and for connection to them.

You should spill some water on the ground three times for each ancestor you call, and three times for those you do not know. Some people will place photos nearby to remind them of different ancestors, others do not.

Now consecrate your rosary in service to the ancestors. Baptize it with holy water to serve all of your ancestors with it. Pray the rosary with faith and devotion. Know that your ancestors are all around you.

Place a brick down as you state that you are elevating your ancestors. Place the white candle and the glass of water on top of the brick. Repeat this procedure for seven days straight, each day laying a new brick on top of the old one.

On the seventh day, make your food offering to your ancestors, and thank them for listening to you. Make this process a habit. You will find that your luck will improve, you will have revelatory dreams, and that obstacles disappear. Don’t forget your ancestors. You can talk to them daily. You don’t need to talk to them only at an altar, you can speak to them while you drive your car, walk the dog, or cook your meals.

Ce Bon Doktor Grey Ravyn

image of altar taken from: The Wild Hunt

Ancestor Work Lesson One: The Spirit Bucket



11 thoughts on “Vodou/Hoodoo

  1. I am honored ya are usin my Video and My “Glossary of Voodoo Louzianne” as well as The ritual I was given for Elevatin Spirit. I hope it helps a lot of folk out there. By the by chere, the sweetenin jar spell ya given is actually copyrighted by Momma Starr Casas might want to give her credit since it is her work. Anyway Ce Bon Doktor Grey-Ravyn and Blessins to ya.

    1. I don’t have internet now. I’m using my mom’s computer, but as soon as I do I will credit her. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for taking so long getting back to you. I had to move about four hours away from where I was living before and have only been in my new place about a month. Can’t afford internet yet, but I’m working on it. Again, thanks so much for all your help.

  2. Hello.

    A few quesrions about the sweetening spell. Can someone do this on themselves? For example, if you have long term depression, and/or there is someone whose hobby it is to make you more miserable than they are by several orders of magnitude? (I am looking into a few different types of therapy, but they are very very cost prohibitive.) Also, when the process is finished, how do you dispose of the materials? Do you throw it away, bury it, or can it be cleaned and re-used (mostly talking about the container here)?

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Maeta, as I was thinking about your situation, a strong feeling came over me that the reason you may be experienced symptoms of depression is that you may be an empath. You may be picking up on other people’s feelings and energies and not realize it. It is an unfortunate reality that the world we live in and most of the people in it operate at a very low vibration, which will definitely bring you down if you don’t know how to protect yourself. If you would like, I can give you my own personal way of protecting myself (I am a high/very sensitive empath and have to protect myself every time I go out of my house.), which might help you and you can customize it to suit your tastes and see if this might help you.

      As far as the Sweetenin’ Jar goes, you don’t really do the spell in the jar on yourself. The point is, to sweeten up someone else toward you or to sweeten up some kind of situation. It doesn’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, it just encourages a bit more kindness and, in a way, manifests for you some positivity. If you are going to do the Sweetenin’ Jar, I would suggest you put the name of the person you want to be sweet to you or the situation you want to change in the jar and work it like that. Get some votive candles (small) and light one on top of the jar every night for three nights just like the recipe says. Do everything that the spell requires. These types of things are cumulative, so if you feel that you need to do it again, wait for an auspicious time (like a full, waning or waxing moon or special powerful day/night) and do it again. I would suggest that you wait one month between though. I have my own sweetenin’ jar and I have not removed the names or anything from it. I keep reusing it over and over. When I have something new to add to it, I just add it to what’s already there. I think until you feel like the person/situation changes to what you need it to be, you would keep the sweetenin’ jar intact. However, if you feel that at some point you are finished then you can toss the contents and clean the jar. I wouldn’t clean it between spells, though, if you are doing the same person/situation.

      Please let me know if this hits home with you at all and/or if you would like me to help you with protecting yourself from absorbing/feeling things you don’t want or need to feel (that is if you feel that I’m correct in thinking that you are an empath). Regardless, I think that some kind of spiritual protection would serve you well. Finally, and this is just a suggestion because it has worked for me, guided mediation for relaxation, aligning chakras and for help in manifesting the things that your higher self wants for you would be something to consider.

      I hope this helps you.

      Blessed Be.

  3. I’m sure I am an empath, but that’s all I know about it. I have no one to guide me, and I only trust the internet so much. It is further complicated by an inability to do good for myself, concentrate on self-care. No problem for doing good for others though! So I’d love to have your guidance!

    For the Sweetnin Jar, it says not to blow out the candle? Is that just the third night or every night? If so I should just use a tealight every night? Although there would be more continuity using a votive as they last longer, but at the same time, not sure about don’t blow out the candle though. If this is to be done over three nights, and the full moon is the optimum time, should it be the day before the full moon, the day of, and the day after? Though it makes more sense to use the waning moon, the new moon night, and then the waxing moon on the next night. Since the new moon is for transformation and clearing negativity? Also, for the time of the moon phases, that leads into why is the new moon considered ‘weak’?

    And somewhat unrelated, what is the function of ribbon in spells? Has it not been done to use one ribbon and then change it to another color to signify transformation? Or it that completely bonkers?

    Thank you for your very helpful guidance.


    1. Maeta, I promise to get back with you. Today, I’m dealing with some health issues so I can’t really concentrate on communicating with my spirit guide. It’s hard when you’re sick because it’s hard to get your head out of the sick space. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be feeling better tomorrow and I promise I will give this my full attention. Until then, don’t believe what the depression tells you. It lies.

      Blessed Be.

    2. Maeta,
      My sincere apologies for not getting back with you yesterday.

      Use the tealight candle for the Sweetenin’ Jar. Put it somewhere where it won’t set anything on fire and let the candle burn down on it’s own. I think the best time to do it would be on a full moon, because that is the best time for manifesting things. Also, when/if you use the Sweetenin’ Jar again, try not to break the wax seal.

      As for the ribbon question, I’ve never used ribbons in any of my spells. I’ve used string for binding poppets, but that’s it. I imagine it would function about the same way as string depending on what color the ribbon is. When I bound my poppet, I used white string for purity and white light.

      Now, for the empath protection: I use meditation in conjunction with a visualization that I created on my own. I use a video on YouTube by Lillian Eden called Meet Your Spirit Guides (not sure that’s the exact title, but if you look it up like that you should be able to find it.). While the video is playing, I visualize golden rings around the places where my chakras are starting with the root chakra and going up to the crown chakra. At the crown chakra, I imagine that there is a thick golden braid coming from my crown chakra and going up to Source, connecting me with the Source. After that I mentally visualize connecting all of the golden rings with a transparent golden shield so that they completely surround my body and then I bring the shield all the way down to my feet. When I get to my feet, I visualize thick roots growing from my feet and going down and down deep into Gaia and wrapping around her center. This helps me with grounding myself. Sometimes, I visualize activating my Merkabas, one in front that spins clockwise and one in back that spins counter-clockwise and other times I may also visualize a shield of mirrors facing outwards so that whatever negativity is around me is reflected back from myself and doesn’t touch my core person. I hope this helps you.

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  4. That was very helpful. Thank you, truly.

    I do have a few more questions, but they are unrelated. Can we continue over email perhaps?

    Thamk you again.

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